Invented by Lance Hill in Adelaide, South Australia, in 1946, the ‘Hills Hoist’ Rotary clothes dryer has become one of the best loved and most iconic products in the southern hemisphere. Height adjustable, robust and durable, the ‘Hills Hoist’ remains a common fixture in back yards and gardens across Australia and New Zealand to this day. To give an indication of just how much this everyday necessity became synonymous with good workmanship and the great Aussie ideal, there is an example of an early Hills Clothesline in the National Museum of Australia and it was featured in the closing ceremony of the Sydney Olympic Games. It has even appeared on Australian postage stamps!

Fast forward to 2020 and whilst the Rotary hoist itself is still an institution, various new washing line models have been introduced to reflect modern living and to maximize convenience. So, whether it’s a traditional Rotary hoist, a wall mounted Folding Frame or Retractable product or indeed a Portable dryer you are looking for, there is a Hills washing line to suit every need, space and budget.

We are proud to have represented Hills here in the UK & EU since 2010 and are passionate not just about Hills’ rich brand heritage and innovative, high quality product range but about the benefits of outdoor, fresh air line drying. Not just a money saving device and good for your laundry but, perhaps best of all, great for the environment too.

Beautifully designed, highly engineered and manufactured to the highest standards, a Hills washing line is a long-term investment and will provide excellent service for many years. Our industry leading 10 year warranty offers additional peace of mind for multi year outdoor clothes drying.

Hills – Winner of The Most Trusted Brand Award five years running