FAQ’s & Clothes Drying Tips

FAQ’s & Clothes Drying Tips

Hills Hoist Rotary Washing Line Clothes Drying Tips

One of the benefits of a Hills Rotary Hoist Washing Line is that it spins naturally in the breeze, allowing the sun to shine on all your clothes and speed up drying time. Raise your Hills rotary washing line for maximum drying efficiency and to ensure clearance for longer items such as bed sheets, duvets & duvet covers, table cloths etc. The wind brake assists in the pegging and unpegging of clothes on windy days by restricting the free rotation of the clothesline. It can be engaging by winding the ‘head’ of the hoist fully down.

Place smaller items of clothing on the lines nearest the centre and work your way outwards for larger items. When hanging thick or bulky items, you may hang the item over more than one line. When you do not expect to fill the capacity of your hoist, hang your clothes on the outer lines, this will allow your clothesline to spin more easily.

Can a Hills Hoist Rotary dryer be mounted on concrete?

Hills do not recommend that you bolt the hoist to concrete. The hoist is designed to be installed in concrete in the ground as per the owners manual. By installing it direct onto concrete (even using a bolted base of some sort), with clothes on the line in a very windy situation could result in the hoist being wrenched from its “base”. Any installation adaptation other than that recommended in our manual will void any warranty on the hoist.

What is the height of the Folding Head Hoist Rotary Dryer?

  • When the rotary is installed in the socket, with the arms open ready for loading and in the wound down position, the outer line measures approximately 1.8 metres (6ft) above ground level. This is designed to be around 6 inches above head height for loading with minimal strain.
  • If you want to increase the working height you simply add one spacer (or more) into the ground socket to raise the working height. Three spacers are provided, each measuring 50mm (2inches)
  • If 1.8 metres is still too high to work at, to decrease this height simply sink the ground socket a little further into the ground.
  • When inserted into the socket and the the arms folded down the height is around 2.7 metres (varies slightly depending on the model and also number of spacers placed in the socket to rise working height of the rotary)
  • Prior to inserting into ground socket and with the arms folded down the height is around 3.0 metres (varies slightly depending on the model)
  • Ground socket is 440mm long.

Why does my Retractable Washing Line sag?

The retracting lines will inevitably sag slightly as the lines are strung between two points. The clothes however, should not be touching the ground at all. Please check that the line is extended a minimum of 4 metres and a maximum of 6.5m. If it is outside these lengths the line will not tension or lock and so bad sagging will occur. Please also check that when hanging large items such as sheets that they are doubled over lines. If you are hanging out a load of washing, spread the heavy items to the edge of the line and not towards the middle. This will provide tension for the centre of the line where sag is most apparent.