The Hills Polycore (multi filament) replacement line is 70m in length which is enough to re-string even the largest of our rotaries. It has been made with the same care and attention as our washing lines and is built to last.

  • This line suits all genuine Hills Rotary Washing Lines with enough length to re-string even our largest rotary.
  • Simply cut to length, as required.
  • This line has a high quality multi-filament core for strength and durability and the exterior has a UV resistant poly coating for long life, whatever the weather.
  • Generous 70 metres of polycore line


The replacement line is also suitable for our folding frame ranges such as the Supafold, and to re-string any product the principle is the same:

  • When re-stringing any product, as you remove the old line hole by hole, or clip by clip, thread the new one in behind
  • If you remove the entire old line before threading the new one, this is often where confusion occurs
  • Sometimes the old line is in such a poor condition, that removing it entirely first cannot be avoided. If this is the case, and you become stuck, please contact us and we can email some simple but helpful instructions as a guide to fitting a replacement line.

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