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Iconic ‘Hills Hoist’ – widely considered to be the finest rotary clothes lines in the world. The design, quality and meticulous craftsmanship are second to none. The Rotary 6 is the smallest within the premium range of hoists ideally suited for a family of 2-3 people.

  • Compact with 6 lines along each side
  • Longest line along each side measures 205cm (Holds double size sheets easily along the outside line)
  • Generous 34m of line holds the washing of a small to medium family (ideal for 2-3 people)
  • Low loading position – Outer line is 185cm high, but for taller people this can be increased in 50mm increments up to 200cm high using spacers in the ground socket
  • Easily winds up for maximum drying efficiency – increasing drying height by 40cm
  • Can be removed from the ground socket and stored away
  • 10 year peace of mind guarantee (1 year on the Polycore line)
  • More details and specifications below


Robust, durable and aesthetically pleasing, the Rotary 6 washing line is strong, reliable and easy to use. Moreover, it will not just enhance your garden but ensure that your clothes look better, smell better and last longer. A Rotary Washing Line will also help to reduce your energy bills and line drying is kinder to the environment. Other features of the Rotary 6 include:

  • Ground socket included and instructions on concreting the socket into place
  • Main stem which fits into the ground socket measures 57mm in diameter
  • Needs only 4m turning circle garden space; 2.9m head diameter
  • Easy to raise the arms from the collapsed position for drying and clicks into place intuitively
  • Winds up effortlessly. Approximately 40 turns of the handle from the loading position to the maximum most efficient drying position.
  • No tool requirement for line tensioning – advisable to tension after first 20-30 full loads to take the initial stretch out of the lines, then only very occasionally as and when required. (Video available in the FAQ section on how to do this)
  • Premium grade polycore line has 22 polyester filaments inside which are braided together and then sheathed in UV stabilised plastic for protection and long life (1 Year warranty on the line)
  • Self-retracting line retainer that wraps around the arms when collapsed to keep lines neat and tidy ready for its next use
  • Manufactured using a high grade steel and treated for corrosion resistance, the hoist is galvanised with zinc for complete protection from the elements

Line drying versus tumble drying is great for the environment and will save you money as well.

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